Finance plays a vital role in funding studies abroad. Majority of the students fund their studies through their own pocket. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a student to manage the affairs financially. In these circumstances, either a student has to make a request to his/her parents to support him/her economically for his/her studies and living expenses or to go for some labour to earn wages. In a situation, most of the students work part time to manage their tuition and living abroad.

⦁ Tuition free for bachelor’s and consecutive master’s degree programs except a nominal semester fee around 50-500 Euros
⦁ Exchange students are exempted from paying semester fee
⦁ Most master’s studies at private universities are with tuition fee but very low as compare to any other country
⦁ PhDs are in principle fee and are charged tuition only after completing their first six semesters but they are required to pay a semester contribution of approximately 150-500 Euros per semester. PhD students normally work on research projects (paid PhD positions) or receive a scholarship
⦁ Some states are charging tuition fee around 1,500 Euros for diploma and degree programs

Living Cost
⦁ For living cost, a student needs to deposit 10,236/- Euros in a blocked bank account in Germany and monthly living cost vary from 750-900 Euros for accommodation, transport, food and any miscellaneous expenses

⦁ The public universities do not charge tuition fees, but the annual registration fee is approximately ISK 50,000-100,000/-
⦁ Exchange students are exempted from paying semester fee
⦁ Private universities charge tuition fee

Living Cost
⦁ In Iceland, the average living cost for a student is ISK200,000/- (Euros1500/-). In most cases, the public universities grant stipends to international students.

⦁ Tuition free for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs except a nominal semester fee approximately NOK 500-1000 per semester
⦁ Exchange students are exempted from paying semester fee
⦁ Some universities may have tuition fee for some specialized subjects normally at master’s level
⦁ Most private universities have tuition fee and generally for all courses

Living Cost
⦁ For living cost, a student needs to deposit one year funds NOK116369/- in a Norwegian bank account in Norway
⦁ Living expenses in Norway are relatively higher than any other country and are normally NOK 90,000 – 120,000 per year

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