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“StudyMasters” is providing services in learning mode and test preparations in Pakistan such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT and Pearson provided by learned and proficient instructors.

Foreign Languages Coaching

We are also coaching on various foreign languages to make people comfortable abroad like Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch & Danish can be the glaring examples of lingua franca.

Pre-departure and Post-landing Guidance

Going abroad is a prime object for individuals and families and they get energized after getting their visas. On the other hand, there is a feeling of panic and anxiety that arise in their minds while departing. The feelings of leaving their home town and entering a new world full of uncertainties can be quite discouraging.
“StudyMasters” provides the best consultancy services in town. We are committed to maintain a pleasant relation with all our clients. We do not leave our valued clients after securing their visas but we provide pre-departure and post-landing briefings that help improve safety, security, efficiency and international experience. With a pre-departure and post-landing briefing, we help our clients avoid playing guessing game.
Our post-landing support ensures that our clients feel at home in their new country. After landing at their destined country, we provide all necessary assistance to ensure smooth transition in their desired country, which includes services like Airport pick up, accommodation, best food places, cheap transportation, student discount, getting phone packages, opening a bank account, registration with doctor, medical insurance, guidance on part time job etc.

Career Worldwide Counseling

Our team of foreign qualified experts is committed to assist our valued clients by explaining various available options and choices of various opportunities worldwide. They are given plenty of information about their career abroad that supports clients in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations.

Our trained professionals guide our clients on career exploration, career making, career change, career growth, career solutions, personal career development, career related challenges and other career related opportunities world over.

We guide people according to their individual needs and profiles background. It helps our clients in assessing their personal abilities and needs and then in developing their own career management competences to link with the open labour market.

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